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Static-X - Cannibal Killers Live (2008) FLAC

Industrial Nu-Metal 22-04-18 173 All albums Static-X
Static-X - Cannibal Killers Live (2008) FLAC

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Quality: FLAC 16 bit/44.1 kHz (tracks+.cue)
Artist: Static-X
Title: «Cannibal Killers Live»
Nation: USA
Album Type: Live album (CD + DVD)
Recording Brand: Reprise Records
Style: Industrial, Nu-Metal

DVD-01 Intro 0:57
DVD-02 Cannibal 2:57
DVD-03 Dirt House 3:54
DVD-04 Shit In A Bag 4:26
DVD-05 I'm With Stupid 3:30
DVD-06 Bled For Days 3:55
DVD-07 No Submission 3:01
DVD-08 Behemoth 3:05
DVD-09 Destroy All 2:24
DVD-10 Cold 3:45
DVD-11 Black And White 3:47
DVD-12 Destroyer 2:47
DVD-13 The Enemy 2:34
DVD-14 The Trance Is The Motion 4:28
DVD-15 This Is Not 3:33
DVD-16 Love Dump 4:33
DVD-17 Push It 2:43
DVD-18 Get To The Gone 3:15
DVD-19 Push It 2:35
DVD-20 I'm With Stupid 3:25
DVD-21 Bled For Days 4:02
DVD-22 This Is Not 2:58
DVD-23 Black And White 3:12
DVD-24 Cold 3:05
DVD-25 The Only 2:54
DVD-26 So 3:42
DVD-27 I'm The One 2:40
DVD-28 Dirthouse 3:06
DVD-29 Destroyer 2:57
DVD-30 Cannibal 3:26
CD-01 Cannibal 3:12
CD-02 Dirthouse 3:15
CD-03 Shit In A Bag 4:22
CD-04 I'm With Stupid 3:18
CD-05 Bled For Days 3:54
CD-06 No Submission 2:47
CD-07 Behemoth 3:05
CD-08 Destroy All 2:27
CD-09 Cold 3:43
CD-10 Black And White 3:46
CD-11 Destroyer 2:49
CD-12 The Enemy 2:35
CD-13 The Trance Is The Motion 4:26
CD-14 This Is Not 3:10
CD-15 Love Dump 4:33
CD-16 Push It 2:42
CD-17 Get To The Gone 3:22

Download albums Static-X «Cannibal Killers Live» (October 7th, 2008) in lossless quality FLAC, Vinyl, DSD in the music style of Industrial, Nu-Metal. «Cannibal Killers Live» is recorded on label Reprise Records. Group Static-X was formed in country USA. Buy album Cannibal Killers Live support the artist. Visit the media resources of group Static-X on the channel of LastFM and the YouTube at the time - on 22-04-18 the group is Split-up.

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